Saturday, March 15, 2008

How to know if you're from a small Southern town!

How to know if you’re from a small Southern town

1. The next small town over is always meaner.
2. Pillars of the community in your town are considered “uppity snobs” by the next town.
3. Any town north of you is full of Yankees; any town south of you is full of red necks.
4. If you live in the country, all others are “city folk” and vise-versa.
5. Homecoming (football or basketball) is the social and cultural event of the winter.
6. The town festival (Doodle Soup, Mosquito Pie, or Cow Chip Flinging) is the same thing in
the summer.
7. On the weekend you cruise between the two convenience stores on opposites sides of town.
8. You do it 50 times and only burn 1/8 of a tank of gas.
9. You are at a field party busted by the cops, you are the first one to leave, and the whole
town knows about it before you get to town (pre-cell phone days).
10. The reason given by the cops for busting the party up-there’s no bathroom facilities.

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Hmmmmm, sounds like you come from a small think?