Monday, April 20, 2009

A Trip to Houston & Salutes

Sandy and I took a vacation and went to The Woodlands, Tx last week to visit her Aunt Ethel.  I know it says Houston, but when you travel it’s like telling folks you live in Memphis when we actually live in Cordova.

It was about a 600 miles, two tanks of gas, nine hours, and that one just one-way.  We got to see a lot of scenery throughout Arkansas and Texas.  Most of it looked like Tennessee.

Driving across Texas we went traversed through many small towns with populations under 1,000 and I couldn’t help but be reminded of  Hee-Haw and the salutes they used to do on that show to all the small towns.  All at once as we were coming up to one of these hamlets and saw the town name with the number, I said the town name and “SSSSAAAAAAALLLUUUUTTTTE!!!!!

Sandy immediately know where I was coming from and joined right in.  So here’s a salute to a few of those small towns:

Seven Oaks     population 131

Burke                population 315

Appleby          population 444

Garrison         population 844